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A weekly report of the latest news, products and events in the industry, plus featured articles, videos and blogs to keep you in-the-know in your industry.

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OEM Off-Highway Equipment Market Outlook E-Newsletter

A monthly delivery of heavy-duty equipment market trends from industry-leading economic firm ITR Economics for construction, agriculture, mining, military and trucking industries, as well as domestic and foreign market analysis.

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Year in Review Special Digital Issue

See the highlights of the year in this digital exclusive special issue of OEM Off-Highway. The Year in Review digital issue features the top rated articles, products and news that hit the heavy-duty vehicle industry that year. The completely digital platform lets you interact with the content to navigate the information that matters most to you.

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Engine Revolutions

The engine system is the heart of your machine and the key to a successful product. Keep up to speed with the latest news and products on the engine system, emissions technologies and regulatory developments.

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Drivetrain Technology Update

The drivetrain, chassis and brakes are the foundation, literally, of a vehicle. Keep current with the latest technology updates exclusively on the drivetrain system.

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Fluid Power Progress

From hydraulics to electrohydraulics, the Fluid Power industry is rapidly evolving. This fluid power system-specific newsletter will keep you up to speed.

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The Electric Age

Get smart about the sensors, electronics and electrical products and technologies taking off-road vehicles to the next level.

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In the Cab

Nothing is more important than an operator's comfort and safety to get optimum performance and productivity out of a vehicle design. In the Cab delivers the essential products and news related to making the operator environment as enhanced and advanced as possible.

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Efficient Design & Manufacturing

To do more with less, you need tools and services that alleviate the pressure. Find out what software, testing providers and manufacturing services are accessible to you to help you get your job done faster, better and easier.

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Technology News Tracker

Videos on the latest products, technologies and equipment news happening in the heavy-duty vehicle industry. Special reports on global market trends included.

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